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Jackie DeVito is an alumni of School of Visual Art's Cartooning class of 2021. They currently work as a Screen Printer during the day.

Jackie is open for freelance work as a comic colorist, if interested:

Jackie grew up on the south shore of Long Island and has a deep appreciation for marine life. They enjoy the fall season, especially Halloween. Jackie looks to incorporate these interests within her work. Feel free to contact her for any inquiries at

In Jackie's spare time they chase pesky seagulls on the beach so they don't steal their french fries.

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Nod to Nature: An Environmental Zine | 2022

Edited by Level Ground Comics

Love Letters or Something | 2021

SVA Cartooning Book

Swim On: A Shark Charity Zine Vol. 7 | 2021

Edited by Jey Pawlik

Swim On: A Shark Charity Zine Vol. 6 | 2020

Edited by Jey Pawlik


Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign

Printmaking: Screen printing and Relief Printing


Clip Studio

Storyboard Pro

+ more

About Me: Bio
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